Judgment Day Academy.
Welcome to Judgment Day Duel Academy.

Judgment Day Duel Academy, accepts duelists of all skill levels. We will try to improve your knowledge and skill during your time here. Judgment day is now upon you.
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 Starter Guide.

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PostSubject: Starter Guide.   Mon Sep 02, 2013 6:18 am

Academy Rules.

While in this academy we will ask you to please follow these few simple rules we have set out below to avoid any form of arguments, upsets and maintain order in the academy.

- No racial remarks.
- No sexist comments.
- No trolling.
- No stalking.
- Respect other members and there opinions.
- No unnecessary language or vulgarity.
- No spamming.
- No offensive comments.
- You are held responsible for all above preformed on your account.

Introducing yourself.

When you sign up we would like it if you introduced yourself in the introductions and farewell section that can be found on this following link, so we can then get to know you a bit better.


When you have introduced yourself you will then be tested, the following rules are the ones you must follow during your test.

- No Burn Decks.
- No Stall Decks.
- No OTK/FTK Decks.
- No Exodia.
- No Deck Out.
- No Lockdown.
- Good Luck And Have Fun.

It will be a match duel.

If you notice the person testing you making mistakes and misplays then don't be alarmed as he/she is doing it to test your knowledge of the game. If you do not use your best deck and don't do as well as you would of done then that is your problem not ours as we will not make exceptions for people who complain they did not use there best decks etc.

The testing rubric we will be using can be found on the following link. http://judgmentday.forumotion.co.uk/t151-testing-rubric

Rank Up.

You can be ranked up to a higher dorm with the following requirements.

Laval Orange rank up to Spellbook Green.
Points - 500
Posts  - 100

Spellbook Green rank up to Lightsworn White.
Points - 750
Posts  - 200

Seeing as there is no higher dorm than Lightsworn White, those who wish to take a rank up from Lightsworn White, will get the chance to become an Admin. These requirements are as follows;

Points - 1000
Posts  - 500

You will be tested the same as you did when you joined the academy.

This is pretty much it so please enjoy your stay here, anything else you want to know can be found around the academy and if you can't then feel free to PM me and I will reply as soon as possible.


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Starter Guide.
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